SPCA 2005 Calendar

Color and black & white photos of local New Englander’s with their pets.

Brighams with 2 dogs
Rachael Brown with 2 dogs
Daniel Carroll with pet dog
Choates with pet Westie
Frank Concemi with pet dog, Mueya
Eklunds with 2 standard poodles
Noah & Eliana with pet dog, Fenway
Jo Haskell with 3 pet dogs
Art Jones with pet dog, Samson
Krempels with 2 pet cats
Jo Lamprey with Retrievers
Lavignes with 2 dogs on boat
Gurdon Metz with cat, Phoebe
Holly Noveletsky with pet dog, Abby
Josh Rosenthal with black cat, Duke
Robin nesting in door wreath at Janet Spadora's home
Janet Spadora with cat, Reily
Dr. Sullivan with horse & donkey
Lauren Wallender with dogs, Kukla & Ollie
Werners with pet dog and cat
Diane Woods with 2 cats